Sunday, February 23, 2020

Women's Right in Islam Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Women's Right in Islam - Essay Example People have a notion that women are suffering under the Islamic laws as it is with strict boundaries. However, it is not the case always; women do have equal rights under the Sharia like men. For centuries women were treated inferior and this also reflected in the Islamic ruling of women in their society. Islamic law treats men and women alike but it keeps a thin line of conditions on women’s rights and freedom for the protection of women. According to Islamic law, women need to be kept under authority for the smooth running of the family. Every religious scripture hold on to this attitude to create peace and harmony in the society. Same is the case with Islam where women have certain rules to obey to .In the original form, the Quran or the Sharia law does not subjugate women. But the Quran treats women same like man and both are equal in the eyes of God, Almighty. It is the dominating attitude of men which declare strict norms and laws upon women which she cannot undertake. According to Engineer(2004)â€Å"The Quran which is comparatively liberal in its treatment of women, also suffered the same fate† Status of women in Islam The status of women in Islam is not different from any women in any other community. Within her community she has all the freedom to enjoy life and join with others to experience the joy of life. It is a fact that Muslim women do wear hijab, but this does not steal any human right and freedom from them. In fact, the wearing of hijab for women is to protect them from evil of the society. So here it can be seen that women apart from human right and freedom, she is also getting a privilege from her religion to protect herself. This gives a right kind of morality aspect to the personality of women.